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Stem Cell Therapy Specialist

Jerry W. Morris, DO -  - Preventive Medicine Specialist

The Private Practice

Jerry W. Morris, DO

Preventive Medicine Specialist located in Southlake, TX

Highly specialized cells, called stem cells, can offer minimally invasive remedies for chronic pain or seemingly impossible-to-heal injuries. It’s a drug free way to get your body to heal itself. Dr. Jerry W. Morris of The Private Practice, in Southlake, Texas, can help you determine if you’re a candidate for this cutting-edge treatment. Dr. Morris also offers Telemedicine services

Stem Cell Therapy Q & A

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are highly specialized cells that make up the foundation of every tissue in your body. Stem cells help repair and replace injured tissue. They self-renew, meaning they duplicate themselves, and can differentiate to form the organ or tissue needed.

What is stem cell therapy?

Dr. Morris uses stem cell therapy to help you manage pain, especially in:

  • Nerves

  • Tendons

  • Joints

  • Muscles

He injects washed and purified stem cells into the affected area to prompt healing and relief.

What conditions are treated with stem cell therapy?

Common issues treated with stem cell therapy include:

  • Rotator cuff injuries

  • Tendonitis

  • Knee pain due to arthritis

  • Achilles tendon issues

  • Tennis elbow

Often, these injuries require complex surgeries with long recoveries. Stem cell therapy requires less down time and brings a faster recovery. You may also be a candidate for stem cell therapy if you have:

  • Neurological problems, like traumatic brain injury and concussion

  • Heart disease

  • Some immune disorders

Discuss your condition with Dr. Morris; he’ll do a thorough evaluation to see if you’re a candidate.

How does stem cell therapy work?

Dr. Morris will use your own stem cells, taken from either your bone marrow or fat in your abdomen. After removal, they’re concentrated and injected directly into the area causing pain. The stem cells then go about their healing business, renewing themselves and using their natural growth factor to replace the injured or damaged tissue causing you pain.

How is hyperbaric oxygen treatment used in conjunction with stem cell therapy?

Research shows that hyperbaric oxygen treatment better mobilizes stem cells and thus will enhance the therapy. Hyperbaric oxygen is highly pressurized air that you breathe in by going into a special booth or take in through a tube. Due to the higher pressurization, your body absorbs more oxygen -- and oxygen is key in the replication and healing produced by stem cells.

Is stem cell therapy safe?

No evidence suggests that stem cell therapy can cause an overgrowth of stem cells or damage to your body. The procedure is minimally invasive, so you don’t have to undergo the risks associated with conventional surgery, and healing time is relatively quick.