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Suboxone Treatment

Virtual Appointments Available!
We offer Suboxone Treatment | Complete Intake by clicking the link SUBOXONE Intake & Consent
Narcotic Recovery
If you change your pharmacy, please request a Pharm form or update your preferred pharmacy to request refills.
Enter all details to avoid delays. 


Do you accept insurance? No, we are Private Pay. 

What about prior authorizations? No.

Is Dr. Morris a PCP?  No.

Do you prescribe Rapamycin? Yes, for long-term benefits.

Do you offer virtual visits? Yes, we offer Telemed Visits.

Do you accept new patients? Yes.

How long is a new patient consultation? The initial visit is at least 60 min.

What is the intake process for suboxone treatment? Click Here

Do you use Fax? No, please note that we no longer use FAXES machines. 



How to reach us.

Please remember that our Dr offers multiple services, and to provide the best care and assistance, each service has a dedicated patient phone line for the dedicated service. You can click on the images.

Click Here For all communication/requests to our staff
We check it regularly and receive lab results here due to our privacy policy, it is secure and HIPAA compliant.
Call or TEXT 
 Text Only
Before and After Hours Communication OR other inquiries.
CALL or TEXT: (903) 913-6610
You can chat with us here before or after a visit to make sure they have all the tools they need to be successful.
(recommended since this is for before/after hrs/inquiries only) 
*typical response time is up to 24-48 hrs based on queue
Patient Portal 
PtPortal login
You can request to schedule/change your appointment
Access for the quickest convenience by following the Steps below.
1. Log in to the portal
2. Go to Appointments (left side) 
3. Click Book Appointment (upper right-hand corner) Select Dr. Jerry Morris
4. Click CONTINUE and check for availability (Select the day/time)
5. Enter the type of appt and select YES, and click Continue to request an appointment. A confirmation will be sent.
*Based on availability it will be confirmed or a new time or day will be proposed. 
We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for adhering as it will help avoid delays. We are here to serve your needs efficiently and look forward to OPTIMIZING your health!


The Private Practice
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