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Health Optimization Specialist

Jerry W. Morris, DO -  - Preventive Medicine Specialist

The Private Practice

Jerry W. Morris, DO

Preventive Medicine Specialist located in Southlake, TX

Dr. Jerry W. Morris, DO, wants to help you live the healthiest, best possible life. At The Private Practice in Southlake, TX, his concierge health program, Dr. Morris will support all of your health goals including fitness and nutrition counseling, preventive medicine, and hormone replacement therapy to give you a higher quality of life for a longer time. Dr. Morris also offers Telemedicine services

Health Optimization Q & A

How can a doctor help optimize my health?

You might think doctor’s visits should be reserved for when you’re feeling sick, but a doctor can help preserve your wellness, too. Dr. Morris can help you feel better than you thought possible by:

  • Helping optimize your hormone levels

  • Offering diet and exercise support

  • Preventing the development of chronic disease

With a simple monthly fee, you’ll have personalized access to Dr. Morris and his wealth of knowledge on health management.

What is preventive medicine?

The goal of preventive medicine is “to protect, promote, and maintain health and well-being and to prevent disease, disability, and death,” according to the American College of Preventive Medicine. Dr. Morris looks for possible warning signs in your body and takes action to prevent disease before it seriously affects your quality of life.

Regular blood pressure screenings and monitoring of your heart health, for example, keeps Dr. Morris alert to any alarming changes that indicate a need for changes to your diet, exercise routine, supplements, or lifestyle to prevent progression of disease. He’ll then work with you to make and monitor these changes so you feel your best.

How can Dr. Morris help me with fitness and nutrition?

Eating well and exercising helps you manage your weight, which in turn improves markers of health, such as your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. But, it can be hard for you to navigate through all the information available when it comes to optimizing your health with nutrition and physical activity. Dr. Morris can boil it all down into information that’s appropriate for your lifestyle, health, and commitment level

He’s readily accessible and can help monitor the changes your efforts make on your health. You’ll feel more energized, look better, and boost health in all of your bodily systems with the right foods and exercise.

How does hormone replacement therapy maximize my health?

Reduced levels of estrogen and progesterone in women, and testosterone in men, can lead to:

  • Mood changes

  • Decreased sex drive

  • Low energy

  • Weight gain

  • Poor concentration

Dr. Morris provides hormone replacement therapy to help bring your diminished hormone levels up to normal levels so you feel and function at your best.