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Telemedicine as an alternative to In-Person Appointments

Telemedicine allows patients to meet with their doctor on a more convenient basis via digital channels like video chat. For those in recovery, it represents a major step forward for patient confidentiality and convenience in receiving necessary care.

“We’ve spent many years working with patients who have difficulty keeping up with the recurring Suboxone treatment visits — everyone from those with packed work schedules to parents with hectic family lives,” said Dr. Jerry Morris, head physician at Dallas Suboxone Doctor. “Our video chat sessions let us offer the same level of care for our patients while adding an additional level of accessibility.”

After completing an initial appointment, patients now have the option to conduct all of their follow-ups and check-ins through FaceTime, a HIPAA-compliant and privacy-protected communication tool. These appointments involve reviewing the effectiveness of treatment, updating prescriptions and dosages, symptom analysis and management, and personalized looks into each patient’s core influences and support systems. Because this information can all be verbally or visually obtained, coming into the office isn’t always necessary.

Telemedicine offers the same personalized care as traditional treatment with far fewer concerns. Patients don’t have to concern themselves with transportation, waiting times, urine or blood screenings, or lab work. Equally appealing to many patients is the simple fact that they can have these appointments from the comfort of their own home, avoiding any privacy concerns that they may have.

Dr. Morris continued, “We’re excited to be able to offer our patients more discreet and convenient treatment that’s just as effective and personalized as our in-office appointments. We don’t compromise on quality when it comes to opioid dependance treatment and telemedicine maintains our high standard of care while offering its own advantages to patients.” About Dallas Suboxone Doctor


Led by Dr. Jerry Morris, the team provides comprehensive opioid dependence rehabilitation through evidence-based Suboxone treatment. Utilizing everything from Telemedicine to customized hormone therapy, Dr. Morris and the staff are committed to personal, flexible, and complete treatment. To learn more or schedule an appointment, visit

DR Medical Director Dr. Jerry W. Morris

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