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Get Rid Of Toxins and Chemicals by Doing This Twice A Day


In 2017 University of Oxford economist Max Rosen released a study on global living conditions. Rosen’s research explored five key factors related to human well-being: poverty, literacy, health, freedom, and education. His conclusions were surprising, at least to some. In every category, humanity is substantially better off than we ever have been.

According to the World Health Organization, why is the United States the most depressed country in the world, followed by Colombia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, and France? And why did an international survey in which people were asked, ‘All things considered, do you think the world is getting better or worse?’ yield such dismal results, with just 10% of Swedes, 6% of Americans, and 4% of Germans responding ‘better’?

The World Health Organization has stated and proven that heavy metals and other environmental toxins are the cause of over 90% of all of chronic health issues and diseases. The reason may have less to do with our circumstances than our environment. From heavy metals and pesticides to phthalates and BPA, we are inundated with toxic chemicals even before we’re born.


What does this have to do with depression? Take the case of mercury. It’s one of the worst neurotoxins known to man, and also one of the most common. We’re exposed to it through the water we drink, fish we eat, dental fillings, and vaccines containing thimerosal, as Clayton Thomas, (an industry expert in the toxicology field and one of the minds behind Vitality Detox DropsThomas notes).

Once mercury enters the body, it gets into the bloodstream and heads for the brain where it blocks binding sites and causes the degradation of neuroreceptors and motor neurons. “It not only blocks things, but it also starts to destroy them,” says Thomas. Exposure to high levels of mercury creates changes in the central nervous system, resulting in irritability, fatigue, behavioral changes, tremors, headaches, hearing and cognitive loss, dysarthria (slurred speech) lack of coordination, hallucinations, and death. "If you can address that, then you have the ability to really start making some changes.”

Vitality offers hope

Fortunately, in the midst of seasonal depression, sleep disorders, and low energy, our Vitality drops offers a glimpse of hope.

When toxins are removed, inflammation decreases, hormones balance, health is restored, weight is lost and lives are restored.

Vitality is Hydrolyzed Liquid Zeolite, Safe, Simple, and Systemic Cellular Detoxification Support that has the ability to passively cross membranes in the body, including the blood-brain barrier.

Detoxing has never been so simple and effective.

VITALITY Detox Drops are the gold standard of liquid zeolite formulations and may just be the gold standard for full body systemic detoxification of heavy metals and environmental toxins.

Do you want to feel more amazing?

Do you want to improve your energy?

Do you want to improve your immune system?

Remove Heavy Metals & other Toxins, Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, Glyphosate, Radiation, and more.

VITALITY Detox Drops may provide nutritional support to:

A lot of our patients have reported they sleep better and have more energy.

A few noteworthy benefits include but are not limited to

Abnormal Cells

Inhibit and eliminate the replication of rapidly reproducing abnormal cells.


Increase overall energy, mental focus, and clarity.


Increase electrical activity in the brain as well as increase memory.


Reduce cellular body fat that toxins hold on to while increasing basal metabolic rate and lean mass.


Experience better and deeper sleep. Some customers reported that they started dreaming again.

Get rid of the toxins and chemicals and feel better by taking the drops once upon waking and again before going to bed for immediate results in at least *24hrs. For more information, and to order yours please contact us at 817-241-0105.


*some reported cases

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